• Sewing machine 220V servomotor

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    Product Description

     KSM-30LA Industrial sewing machine ac motor servo motor price of servo motor servo motor for sewing machine

    KSM is an intelligent control system of industrial sewing machine can be widely applied to all kinds of industrial sewing machine-driven and automated control

    of hardware and software system. This product uses advanced digital signal processing, by analyzing the position sensor of AC servo motor and pedal sensor 

    signal multiple solenoid-driven, enabling sewing machine, several automatic feature.


    1.Than other products with a wide speed range, fast response, high torque, steoless speed regulating, low noise and vibration, high efficiency and energy-saving,

    low radiation, high degree of automation and benifits of multi-purpose a machine.

    2.It has open CNC software system, you can adjust the parameters offset error of mechanical movement.

    3.The system can widely application industral with lockstitch, overlock, interlock, double needle sewing machine and various industrial sewing machine,

    application the sysytem of industrial sewing machine can has automatically trimming thread, revise sewing, wiper thread, lift pressure foot, bottom line count,

    before and after strengthening, and more paragraph setting length sewing(up to can set 16 paragraph), and automatically stopped needle bit set.

    4.Operation design simple, various parameters set convenient, makes sewing job became province time, and effort, and unless worry. 






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