• High performance single needle lockstitch sewing machine

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    BSL-9000&8900&8500&5550 Series High Speed Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine (Dry Take-up Components)/ Normal Lockstitch Sewing Machine


    Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine

    Single Needle Normal Lockstitch Sewing Machine.




    BSL-9000 has a better shape and the high quality internal structure, low low noise and vibration, dry take up lever relieves fabric been polluted.


    BSL-8900 feet and revise stitch can be adjusted, guarantees the consistency of stitch.


    BSL-8500/5550 classic products, extra value; forward and reverse stitch can be adjusted.


    BSL-8950 this machine improve from BSL-8900 lockstitch length, it is special for heavy duty with same small hook as normal lockstitch, but it can sew max.8mm stitch and 12 layer of jeans.

    Company Information


    The company is a modern enterprise incorporated with professional talents, advanced technologies, strict management, and excellent facilities and in July, 2003, it has obtained the certificate of ISO9001:2000 International Authentication System. The business scope of the company covers various kinds of industrial sewing machines of medium and high level, as well as the accessories. The main products are comprised of dozens of varieties, including lockstitch sewing machine, overlock sewing machine, zigzag sewing machine, bag closer and etc




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