• High-speed direct drive single needle lockstitch sewing machine price

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    Product Description

    BSL-9008DKA high speed directly drive single needle lockstitch sewing machine price

    Drive Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine

    The new KSM 3.0 with intelligent servo control system, stable performance, complete functions 4 inches super large blue light LCD screen +CP-103 new type operation panel, display rich information, to stick out a mile, Easy to use.

    Make use of a keeping of forerunner the get rid of type intelligence control servo system.


    BSL-9008 series use the latest version KSM-3.0 intelligent control system, which adopt European advanced technology (2011 national innovation fund product, series No.:11C26213100753) Features as following:
    Wide working voltage range. This system can work stably long time under AC 150~280V voltage and can adapt to bad power supply environment.
    This machine was designed with optimized heat dissipation for excellent cooling performance, can work stably under high temperature long time.
    Precise control of external electric magnet realize beautiful stitch effect by regulating the parameter.
    Anti-interference: Aluminum alloy shell has strong jamproof ability, which ensure the machine runs stably.
    Swith machine quickly, the system can be restarted quickly without waiting.
    16 segments of fixed length stitch and the quantity of stitches of each segment can be adjusted.
    Comprehensive software and hardware protection, intelligent self-checking and error report system.
    Easy speed control from 0 to 5000rpm, precise up and down needle stop correction(±3).
    Using unique dust-proof design, extended life and improved reliability.
    With bottom thread counting function, which helps operations improve productivity.
    Automatic needle up positioning when it is powered up.
    Operation panel easy for parameter setting.
    Compact size, light weight, low noise , low vibration and high efficiency.






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