• Single needle cylinder unison feed lockstitch leather sewing machine

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    Single needle cylinder unison feed lockstitch leather sewing machine

    Product Description

    Product Information


    1. Four thread highspeed lockstitch sewing machine with Max speed 2500 r.p.m.

    2.This series kind of lockstitch sewing machines are characterized by high speed,low noise,wide usage from soft fabric to extra heavy fabrics like jeans,leather,canvas etc



    Description :

    Adopted European advanced technology, servo motor drive device can realize perfect performance, stable working, low energy consumption. It enables you operator easier; No oil, low noise, low vibration; Doubling production efficiency energy saving by 50% on average; Five automatic functions (automatic thread trimmer, automatic reverse feeding, automatic thread wiper, automatic presser foot lifter, and other scalable functions) more efficiency in sewing. Larger operations space, stitch length regulation more convenient and suitable for sewing all kinds of sewing machine.

    *BSD-9450, BSD-9750 with split needle bar, it’s suitable for corner sewing.
    *BSD-9720, BSD-9750 double needle directly drive with large hook.
    *Needle Gauge Options: 3.2mm(1/8), 4.0mm(5/32), 4.8mm(3/16), 6.4mm(1/4), 7.9mm(5/16),
    9.5mm(3/8), 12.7mm(1/2), 15.9mm(5/8), 25.4mm(1), 38.1mm(1-1/2).




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