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    Factory direct sale cheap external wall thermal insulation rock wool fireproof board






    We offer China's leading heat insulation products and systems and are committed to protect the environment and improve people's quality of like.

    Our solutions help reduce building energy consumption to enhance fire safety.

    Our solution offers the lowest cost and lowest weight of installation while offering higher performance then any other solution.

    We offer a turn-key solution and can supply and install a complete production plant in any country of the world, in addition to supplying all the materials.

    Anwei rockwool board integrated insulation board


     Superior Heat Insolation Performance

    The design of Anwei insulation board createsmany small pockets of air that helps to enhance insulation properties. This unique design this maintains a very high efficiency insulation-providing comfortable environment inside the room,irrespective of the temperature outside.The product works equally well with very low to extremely high temperatures(up to 1000 degrees Celsius)

    Fire safety

    Anwei heat insulation products,not only do not burn,they also act as a fire barrier in case of a fire and prevent fire from spreading.This saves precious human lives and properties.

    Anwei board is Class-A non-combustible product that can withstand temperatures of over 1000 degreees. In addition,it does not release toxic fumes or molten drops in case of a fire and can maintain structural stabilityand therefore,prevents the fire from spreading,providinghighly valuable time for escape and rescue.

    There fore,the architects,builders and owners prefer to use Anwei insulation boards-not only for their superior thermal insulation and sound-absorbing properties but also for their outstanding performance in case of a fire.

    Sound-absorption/Noise Reduction

    Anwei heat insulation board is also one of the most effective sound-absorption and noise reduction solution for the buildings.

    Those tiny millions of air pocket that help achieve high heat insulation also provide a very smart and effective sound absorption solution.

    There boards are widely used in ceilings,near noise making machines,near the exterior walls, interior walls, roofs and floors to create highly effective noise reduction solution and to improve indoor environmental comfort.

    Anwei rockwool board integrated insulation board