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    Industrial sewing machine servomotor




    Product Description

    450W/550W/750W industrial sewing machine servo motor

    KEM-2 simple servo control system is the main force of the Kingleo servo energy saving series products,the product of different power motor applies torque and speed in the industry demand for direct drive and belt drive machine ,with energy -saving ,efficiency.stepless and so on.System design of elegant,reliable operation,low noise,high efficiency ,is an ideal substitute for clutch motor.


    1.Suite for 750W following various simple sewing machine,such as overlock,interlock,the external wall-mounted pulley head series models,as well as meet the mounting dimensions of direct-drive sewing machine.
    2.Casing tightness,special handing by the board,ensuring control system for dust,moisture and shock resistant.
    3.Highly integrated hardware design ,reduced size,improved torque and reliability;
    4.Energy saving and high efficiency ,compared to a similar product efficiencies around 10%;
    5.Sewing,needle speed,efficiency and user comfort;
    6.Stalling,speeding,overload and many protection functions;
    7.Control panel has a four-digit NIXIE tube display,six buttons and two
    8.Lights to protect friendly nature of human-computer interaction,easy parameter setting and fault monitoring;
    9.With compensation button interface,enhance of efficiency of sewing and portability
    10.5V LED lighting in parallel interfaces
    11.Adjustable soft-start function PIN number and speed,to meet different user requirements
    12.Several features adjustment ,better matching of different mechanical systems.