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    Direct drive interlock AC sewing machine servomotor system




    Product Description

     A new patented design,easy installation,adapted to the most common models on the market,such as :pegasus type W500/W600,SIRUBA type F007

    Ring concentric clutch design,maximum limit ensuring the concentricity of motor and machine

    Positioning and loose proof design,and high quality special motor bearing make the longer,more reliable,low noise ,low vibration and low power consumption

    a wide range of  speed regulation,it can be stepless speed between 0-5000r/min

    accompany the needle stop sensor,so head no need to install extra synchronous sensor

    Energy saving and high efficiency,compared with the clutch motor,saving more than 70% ,the rate of which is 20%

    Casing sealing ,special handling by the board to ensure control system from dust,moisture,shock

    hardware design of highly integrated ,reduce the volume,improve torque and reliability

    Begin sewing  and needles stop speed,improve efficiency and user operation

    the control panel has four digital tube display,six buttons and two indicator lights,security friendly human-machine interface,convenient parameter setting and fault-monitoring

    the built-in 5 v parallel led lighting interface