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      High performance industry computer double needle sewing machine









      KSM-30LA servo motor control system meet the market hanging/direct drive speed lockstitch sewing machine,heavy material sewing,single needle sewing machine requirements instep,supporting different power motors can manage to achieve a thin,medium and thick materials the sewing machine features.In addition to General Motors,the synchronization system for direct-drive sewing machine,heavy machine developed two specific motor,motor unique design on the premise of performance make the machine more attractive.System retain automatic hold thread,cutting thread,wiper,reverse sewing and lift the presser foot on the basis of .but ads a lot of new features to make it more adaptable.

      1.System tightness,special handing by the board to ensure total dust,moisture and shock resistant;
      2.System adopts all-metal design,elegant,excellent thermal;
      3.Highly integrated hardware design ,size reduction,increased torque and reliability;
      4.Stalling,speeding,overload and many protection functions
      5.Start-up and shutdown speed,increase efficiency and handing comfort
      6.Needle angle parameter adjustment directly,convenience installation and debugging;
      7.With automatic upper tangent and lower tangent ,automatic wiper,automatic presser foot lifter,lock thread ,suction and many other features,improve efficiency
      8.Several features set parameters ,better matching of mechanical systems from different manufactures
      9.Equipped with special motors,so the machine combines performance and appearance are two major advantage
      10.Strong anti-interference ability
      11.Models compatible with ability,and for customers to remove stock from pressure.