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      High-speed direct drive synchronous compound feed heavy duty lockstitch sewing machine



      Product Description:

      BSL-0303-DA  Series use the latest version KSM-3.0 intelligent control system,which adopt European advanced technology ( 2011 national innovation fund product,serial no.:11C26213100753)

      750W energy-saving servo motor,more powerful trimmer.Round knives,high -performance  trimmer structural to ensure accurate trimming effect,the cut is flat.

      Heighten design in rear cover and cover axis design to avoid oil leakage and operating more safely

      Adopt the Innovative direct drive,energy saving servo motor directly connect to the main shaft,start fast and stop accurately,reducing the responsive time

      Have the functions of automatic trimmer,eletronic thread clamp ,automatic needle positioning,automatic counting and automatic reverse sewing and other variety of intelligent sewing modes.